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  • 《城市規劃學刊》( 雙月刊,以下簡稱《學刊》),原名《城市規劃匯刊》,創刊于1957 年,是中國最早的城市規劃學術期刊之一,至2018 年底已印行246 期。編輯部擁有一支辦刊經驗成熟,學術資深,敏銳把握學科發展方向的穩定的編輯隊伍,有學術水平深厚的編委會指導工作。



    Urban Planning Forum (bimonthly, UPF for short), launched in 1957, is one of the earliest academic journals in the urban planning field in China. 232 issues have been published up to now. The editorial department, led by a knowledgeable editorial committee, is staffed by professionals with rich editing experience, good academic knowledge and incisive insights.
    UPF is characterized by creativity, perspectiveness and technicality. It mainly publishes latest researches on urban-rural development and planning issues in China. It keeps pace with the contemporary time, complements the national economic and social development, and disseminates latest research results in the planning discipline. It also showcases researches in other related fields. UPF is one of the most influential and authoritative planning journals in China.
    UPF organizes the annual influential event - China Urban Planning Forum. It also gives JIN Jingchang Award for Excellent Papers in Urban Planning, which represents the highest level of scholastic achievement in planning in China.