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  • 《建筑遺產》(季刊)是我國歷史建成物及其環境研究、保護與再生學科領域的第一本大型綜合性專業期刊。中國科學院主管,中國科技出版傳媒股份有限公司與同濟大學聯合主辦,同濟大學具體承辦。主編為中國科學院院士常青。期刊兼具學術探索性、工程示范性和藝術鑒賞性,旨在以瞻前顧后的辯證史觀和全球在地的視野視點,搭建跨學科、跨文化的國際化學術交流平臺,向海內外全面展現學科前沿的理論與實踐成果,為提升該領域的整體專業水準、增強全社會的文化遺產保護觀念和推進中國城鄉可持續發展與文化資源的整合利用做出應有的貢獻。

    Heritage Architecture (quarterly) is the first comprehensive and professional journal covering all aspects of the research, conservation, and regeneration of historic built artefacts and the built environment in China. With an Editorial Team based in Tongji University, HA is administrated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and sponsored by the China Science Publishing and Media Group Ltd. and Tongji University. Professor Chang Qing, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the Editor-in-chief of the Journal. HA integrates heritage architecture conservation in a broad scope of academic exploration, model project analysis, and artistic appreciation. By adopting a dialectical approach to history and from a ‘glocal’ perspective, it aims to create a cross-cultural and multidisciplinary platform for academic communication all over the world, and to provide a wide view of the frontiers of theory and practice on the field to the scholars at home and abroad. The purpose of the Journal is to improve the overall professional level of architectural conservation, enhance the public awareness of architectural heritage conservation, promote sustainable urban and rural development in China, and achieve an integrated usage of the cultural resources.